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The Old Storehouse

The Old Storehouse


The Old Storehouse

The Old Storehouse is a comfortable and unfussy place to stay. There's an open range in the kitchen and woodburning stoves in the sitting room and conservatory, sofas, lots of books and birds and the surrounding countryside. There are four large en-suite bedrooms.

With the best will in the world, the house will horrify you if you are arachnophobic, used to an ambient temperature that allows you to wear T shirts comfortably in the house all the year round, or upset by dusty ledges and leaves blown in from outside. The conservatory is also home to field mice and voles in the winter. There are more suitable places to stay that don't present these problems, if they are problems to you.

It has been converted from a working building into a tranquil place, in a beautiful and accessible part of Wales. The Brecon and Monmouthshire canal, built to serve the area nearly 200 years ago, still runs at the foot of the lawn; the views stretch over fields and hills to Pen y Fan, the highest point of the Brecon Beacons.

Outside the house at night there is minimal light pollution. For an average of 120 nights a year, mostly in winter, the sky is clear and offers anyone with a telescope views into deep space.

Buzzards, herons and the occasional red kite fly overhead and swans and ducks rest on the lawn. There is constant small bird actiity in the garden and hedges; bats and sparrows nest in the roof, joined by swifts during the summer.

For those able to spend more than a brief night here, I hope that you will feel comfortable in making the transition from guest to someone who will use the house as a second home - the back door rather than the front, dressing gowns and slippers at breakfast if that's how your days begin, equally welcome in the kitchen as well as the sitting room, conservatory or garden.

Children and dogs are always welcome provided they don't chase chickens, swans or ducks, but there are obvious hazards for children and parental vigilance is necessary.

Peter Evans


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Updated 26 October 2020



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