The Old Storehouse
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The Old Storehouse - Wildlife, birdlife and other animals

Photo of Mrs T, resident cat
Photo of our chickens
Photo of Mr Ginge, resident cat


Buzzards, herons and red kites fly overhead and swans (cygnets too) and ducks rest on the lawn. There is constant small bird activity in the garden and hedges; bats and sparrows nest in the roof. The RSPB described the house as 'not quite falling down, ideal for sparrows' and they are joined by swallows and swifts in the summer.

Photo of the swans
Photo of the chickens
Photo of the chickens
Photo of the Mrs T

Other animals

Outside doors are usually open in the summer and there are cats, swans, chickens, moorhens and ducks. The conservatory is also home to field mice and voles in the winter – it's a very lived in house by both humans and animals.

Photo of the the birdlife
Photo of Swan and Morph
  01874 665499